New Book from
Ruthena Dorsey

Check out "Your Prayers Have Gotten Ahead of Your Trouble" by Ruthena Dorsey. The book encourages all to pray to God so they can receive the strength and direction they need from Him when times are tough. You can purchase the book from Barnes & Noble, Amazon, or Xlibris.

Your Prayers Have Gotten Ahead of Your Trouble Book Cover

Prayer works by putting it to work. We must involve our mental and physical efforts in order to achieve an answer to our prayers. Prayer is essential. It is absolutely necessary in our walk with God.

Our communication with God develops a deeper and intimate relationship with Him through prayer. Prayer produces power, strength, and guidance in times of trouble. God sees us in our desperation, desolation, and distress. These are the places where He steps in and gives compassion, comfort, hope, and strength in times of grief, distress, and suffering. He is El Roi, the God Who Sees.